The Best Way to Improve Time Management For Your Own Work From Home MLM Business

This is Certain to NOT Make Hardly any money

Researching. Planning your system. Reading books. Don’t get me wrong, I carry out All of those details myself but I am very straightforward that THAT STUFF Won’t MAKE ME Cash! I am not training you NOT to do these things but I am expressing please don’t commit all damn day doing those things. In the remarkable book called “Crush It” by Gary V, he clearly shows how he spends a large amount of time on his social media stuff but it’s executed between the hours of 9pm and 3am. Not all of us can go on a handful of hours sleep every single day but here are some tips for you to improve time management.

Do the non-cash creating actions during off-hours

I do the largest percentage of my looking through eBooks, watching video tutorials, etc during the hours before 8am or after 10pm. Now some of you reading this may be wondering “Ray, you don’t fully grasp, I work ALL day and then I am dead-ass worn out when I get home”. You know what? I do have an understanding of and if you EVER want to improve that, you will need to make some sacrifices. Here is a quote I posted on my Facebook last night:

“Everyone who got where he is has had to begin where he was.” Robert Louis Stevenson

If you would like to assure never changing your situation, then keep carrying out what you are doing and voila, it will work like a charm every time.

Sooo, how should I spend my time?

When you are in need of a bigger income from your work from home MLM business, know that you do NOT get paid to research, straighten your desk or tidy the house. You get paid out for 2 things, retailing and recruiting. Invest the majority of your time, specifically the “prime time” doing prospecting. Prospecting can be for people interested in purchasing your product or prospecting for people interested in having their own work from home MLM business.

If you want to considerably change your bank account, today, improving time management is the key. If you improve time management to ensure you are prospecting every day not just burying your head in the books and webinars, your bank account will thank you!